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Probate & Guardianship

When clients come to Bauer & Associates after the death of a family member, we offer legal counsel and representation to individuals and families throughout Florida in probate and probate litigation, will and trust contests, and trust administration matters. The firm welcomes out-of-state inquiries from persons with probate needs in Florida.

Guardianship Cases – Bauer & Associates represents guardians for incapacitated adults and minors. Our firm handles all matters including the creation of guardianships and administration of such cases.

We provide compassionate, experienced representation for people who are in need of probate and guardianship services for their loved ones.

Probate & Guardianship Services

Probate – The probate process is a judicial process where typically a personal representative is appointed to locate the decedent's assets, pay lawful debts and distribute assets to heirs/beneficiaries. The process is started by the filing of a legal action and is monitored by the court to assure that the decedent’s wishes are followed.
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Personal Representative – Bauer & Associates regularly represents the person or entity appointed by the court who is responsible for locating the decedent's assets, determining all of the decedent's lawful debts, satisfying any claims against the estate, and distributing the estates assets according to the terms of the decedent's will or law. The Personal Representative often must be bonded and accounts to the court for the Personal Representative's actions. More Info on Personal Representatives >

Will and Trust Disputes – The attorneys at Bauer & Associates represent beneficiaries, claimants, and personal representatives in will and trust disputes. Such actions are civil lawsuits to determine a decedent's wishes, what is to happen to claims, disputes over the handling of assets, and where assets are distributed.

Representation in Fiduciary Proceeding – Bauer & Associate attorneys assist clients in having the court appoint a guardian to represent a minor or incapacitated person. Being familiar with the legal restrictions and requirements, the attorneys can help make the process smooth and efficient.